About Dr. Sententia

Meet Dr. Wrye Sententia:

 My goal is to help you to write well AND be well.

I help writers of all sorts: from those who just need a little guidance to those who are ready to give up on their dreams. I can coax you forward or pull you away from your writer’s (l)edge.

Typically, when writers are blocked, they are also facing “life-blocks.” Sometimes these pressures come from circumstances, sometimes from the self. At some point, most people working on a writing project will hit a wall–in spite of talent or effort.

If you’re dismayed at a lack of progress, ashamed of what is (or isn’t) written, I can help. Even accomplished writers can find themselves consumed by annihilating doubt or crippling self-criticism—what I call their inner banshee.

Banish your Banshee:  Meet your Ally

I am your confidential and expert ally. If you feel prevented from, stuck in, or otherwise at odds with your writing goals, please contact me.

As an experienced writing coach, I have analyzed the many pitfalls to which writers succumb and have developed practical tools to resolve specific psychological (or skill-specific) barriers. Having taught writing for over fifteen years at the University of California, Davis (View Dr. Sententia’s Academic Bio), I have assisted thousands of people in becoming better writers.

Like most ambitions worth pursuing, writing well requires both commitment and (com)passion. My clients find freedom in their writing and overcome the obstacles that otherwise keep them from their best potential.

By combining a rigorous, yet flexible, methodology–perfected over years and curated for your specific project or situation–I can help you!

If this speaks to you, I hope that you will join me in writing well and being well.