Why Razor Writing?

At Razor Writing, we are fiercely committed to your writing goals.

When you commit to us, we commit to you.



Writing is one of those deceptively “simple” crafts that it seems just about anyone can do. Yet, as you know (if you’re here looking!),

it is hard to stay motivated and make meaningful progress.

A lot of would-be writers fall out along the way. Many never reach where they wanted to go because they underestimated the time and effort to complete it, or didn’t get the kind of support they needed to finish their major writing project.  And, even though there’s a ton of free advice on the Internet about how to write, and even though you may have people in your life to cheer you on in your writing goals, it takes a special blend of training, motivation, and tactical skill to finish a longer writing project.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Let us help you to overcome writer’s block and draw you forward in reaching your goal. At any stage in your process, you can rely on Razor Writing to steer you through the most harrowing challenges you face in your writing. Instead of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated or even ashamed, you will be freed up to write well, with greater confidence and better results.


If you choose Razor Writing, you gain the advantage of an expert guide.
Dr. Sententia created Razor Writing because she wanted to help writers by cutting through the haze of bad advice and partial solutions to writers’ problems.

With years of experience leveraging professionals’ dreams and aspiring writers’ hopes, and with recognized excellence in the teaching of writing at a top research university, Dr. Wrye Sententia can help you. She understands the twists and turns that writers face, from the dark mental spaces to nagging life challenges that pull you off course and can threaten to wash your dream away.



You can be happy with what you write and while you write!

“You can finish your project with ease and impact.  I want you to benefit from methods that I have cultivated and perfected over more than 15 years.  I am confident that when you apply insights from my coaching and transformative writing techniques, your writing and your life will improve.” –Dr. Wrye Sententia

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