College Personal Statement Coaching

Work one-on-one with Dr. Sententia!

Dr. Sententia will work closely with your student to:

  • Get clarity on what is and what isn’t important in writing for college apps
  • Develop a tailored strategy to complete writing the personal statement with less stress
  • Take an inventory of your student’s unique strengths and life experiences
  • Identify personal themes unique to your student
  • Improve the quality and impact of what your student says in their writing.
  • Suggest strategies to improve writing quality and meet word count (or reduce word count!)
  • Get constructive feedback on early ideas, mid-phase concerns, or end-phase writing questions
  • Get inspired about college and taking a positive place in the world.

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Note: Due to COVID-19:  All Sessions Take Place in Zoom.

Fall 2020 Workshops TBD

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