College Personal Statement Workshop

Learn How to Write an Inspired College Personal Statement

Students who find their purpose, find their peace in a future that is right for them.

It’s Much More Than a “Statement”

Hands-on Workshops in Downtown Davis – Next Event: October 5, 2019

Students need inspiration and maturity to succeed in college. Writing the personal statement is a way for a student to claim and then present their best possible self — which is the driving force behind a powerful and convincing personal statement.

This workshop will inspire high school students to discover concrete ideas and life connections to write a persuasive and effective personal statement. By drawing from who you are, what you’ve accomplished already and what matters moving forward, you will learn how to communicate to college admission committees about who you are and why you are uniquely prepared for their college.

In This 2 ½ Hour Workshop, High School Seniors Will:

  • Replace fear and self-doubt with self-confidence and excitement
  • Take an inventory of your unique strengths and life experiences
  • Identify possible personal themes—unique to you—for your statement
  • Understand the writing process and leave with a solid strategy for completing your statement.
  • Improve the quality and impact of what you have to say in your writing.
  • Not focus on grammar or “conciseness.”
  • Get inspired about college and taking your place in the world.

Workshops held in downtown Davis.

All workshops are taught by Dr. Wrye Sententia.