How It Works

We work to help you find facility in your writing process so that, as you write, you are able to enjoy what you write. What’s more, we help you to finish your writing project without debilitating self-doubt or paralyzing overwhelm.  In choosing Razor Writing, you gain access to a fiercely protective, sharply incisive, always audaciously committed coach for your writing project who guides you through writer’s block as if it were a walk in around the block.

Dr. Sententia will personally guide you every step of the way to meet your publishing goals and get out of your funk.

Good-bye guilt! So-long demons of doubt!

 There’s so much well-intended baggage to writing. We want you to feel less torment from beginning to end of your book. We can help a writer to access deeply-seated satisfaction as a writer in their* craft.  

Using methods perfected over 15+ years in working with a scintillating variety of writers of all abilities,  Dr. Sententia wields a trenchant passion to motivate you in your work to meet your deadlines with aplomb.

Dr. Sententia will help you to unleash your best writing and enjoy unparalleled pride in your results.

 True Clarity: Write About Now!

Dr. Sententia will personally evaluate your project and suggest a sure path forward for you. She doesn’t mince words and will give you her honest assessment as to whether she believes she’s the right fit, and if not, what to do or where to go next on your writer’s path.

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*NOTE* their is used as a singular possessive pronoun, the logical cousin to “they” which was 2015’s “Pronoun of the Year“!