Novel Writing Coach – How to Write Your Novel

Writing Your Novel- Struggle or Joy?

A novelist is someone who has a story to tell and tells it.  But the question is: how?  If you are on this page, chances are, you are thinking of writing your first novel, or struggling with a novel you’ve already begun. You may need an experienced novel writing coach to get you through the twists and turns of authorship.

Unfortunately, a lot of websites on “how to write your novel” and books (written by writers!) reinforce the obstacles, not the solutions.

As an experienced writing coach, I can help you write your novel with joy and results.

The Fine Art of Coaching You in How to Write a Novel

If you are new to creative writing and have a novel you want to write, you’re in the right place! If you are unsure of your skills as a writer or wonder how to start your novel, contact me. Tragically, many people who have an idea for a novel don’t produce their books:  their stories remain unfinished because these writers didn’t get the help they needed.

Writing Your Novel Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Writing your novel doesn’t have to be hard, but it is hard work. You don’t have to go it alone. I can help you to write well and be well as you write, no matter your background, no matter your book.

As an experienced writing coach and teacher of writing, I have helped thousands of people to improve their writing, their productivity, and their ability to capture the cacophonous voices of their imagination.

You don’t have to know “how to start” to begin, and you don’t have to already be a writer to write your first novel.  Writing your book requires strong intent + action. And, because you’re here reading this, you’ve already acted on your intention! Congratulations on beginning your book!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

My Role as Your Writing Coach: For the Novice and the Expert Writers

Whether you are just beginning, lost in the middle, or completing your first book or the next best novel, you can benefit from coaching to write your novel. Get the individual feedback you need to bring your story to life for the readers you want to reach.

I began offering my expertise as a novel writing coach out of empathy.  Drawing from over 15 years of helping writers of all variety, I leverage perfected motivational techniques to support creative writers. Whether you are a new or experienced writer, I can help you to overcome your writer’s block.

If you are already a writer, you know that even skilled writers can flounder.  For example, although new writers might struggle from a number of targets, an experienced writer who relies on a “natural” ear to decide what to write, may never have learned *how* to write.

If you are an established writer who suffers from your writing and yet somewhat perversely, you can’t imagine any other career path for yourself, I may be just the coach you need. Do you see dysfunction or self-abuse in your life as an author? Basta. Again, for example, let’s acknowledge that word choice is valuable to strong writing, but at what expense? If you agonize, not over the word, but over the amount of time it took to find it–I’m your coach. If you are tripping over (or self-medicating through) your writing process, it may be time for
writer rehab with Wrye.

I understand the pitfalls that writers face and will guide you to overcome the psychological and practical blocks to your writing. As your writing guide and coach, I will help you enjoy writing your novel. If you commit to my coaching, you will not stall out, give up, or otherwise fail in writing your story.

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