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4 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

4 Hours Prime Writing Review

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4 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

4 Hours Prime Writing Review

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Descriptions of Package Services

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One-on-One Coaching with Dr. Sententia

Via Zoom, Dr. Sententia will work closely with you to:

  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Assess your project scope using her Project PARC™ Analysis
  • Analyze and intervene in your habits as a writer
  • Discuss your process – how to make you a more efficient and effective writer based on where you are today
  • Establish a schedule for your writing over the next 90 days (and hold you to it!)
  • Collaboratively “map” your book, dissertation, or creative writing project: ideas, organization, and structure
  • Provide constructive feedback on early ideas, mid-phase blocks, or end-phase publishing concerns
  • Suggest strategies to improve your words to page count!

Prime Writing™ Review

PRIME WRITING is an important element and unique to the Razor Writing coaching process. Dr. Sententia created PRIME™ writing to enhance your productivity as a writer. She reviews and analyzes your work, to leverage improvement. This type of writing (easy for you!) allows Dr. Sententia to learn how you write and to diagnose obstacles that are restricting you. She will provide honest assessments and guidance to improve.  Dr. Sententia will recommend appropriate resources for your unique needs in your particular project, at your particular stage in that project, with an eye toward the finish line.

  • Evaluation of your Prime Writing for strategies to approach and complete your project
  • Evolving analysis and adjustments to leverage your progress toward your writing goals
  • Research-based practices in the psychology of writing to both encourage and motivate you

Draft Review

Review of any text depends on the stage of your project, your experience as a writer, and the status of the pages you’ve written.  After discussing with Dr. Sententia what makes sense for you, you can request any of the following:

  • Written or verbal feedback (# of pages depends on the detail of desired feedback)
  • Annotation of suggested changes
  • Structural or organizational analysis
  • Efficacy of achieving your Document PARC™
  • Document analysis with recommended changes to paragraphs or sentences, MARC™
    • (Does not include line by line or copy editing)

Writer’s Resources

  • Access to curated resources on the craft of writing
  • Recommended platforms
  • Organizational software
  • Recommended online resources to support identified gaps or needs for you as a writer.

Motivational Texts from Wrye

  • Timely messages to your phone
  • Reinforcement of your habits as a writer

Accountability Coaching with Wrye

  • Interactive accountability texting to keep you focused and on task toward your goals
  • Personal oversight of your writing schedule
  • Live support during writing sessions

Discounts on Writer’s Workshops

  • First offers and value-pricing on group single-day or weekend writing workshops.

Additional Services Available

Expedited Review

With the expedited review, you pay for our quick-turnaround and honest, expert appraisal to fit your deadline. Razor Writing protects your value with meaningful feedback, NOT cookie-cutter, or one-size-fits-all “editing.” You don’t know what you don’t know.  Just as an experienced doctor can give you peace of mind to make important (and sometimes difficult) decisions, so too, at Razor Writing, we give you incisive information for your text and best options to meet your deadline. 

Writing Interventions

We all have gaps in what we know.  Razor Writing offers private, one-on-one instructional sessions that help you improve as a writer:

  • Individual guidance to improve your paragraph structure, sentence power, chapter flow, etc.
  • Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses with resources to overcome them.
  • Tips and techniques for any stage, any skill level (advanced instruction in optimal syntax, clauses, style, emphasis, literary devices, etc.)
  • Help for multilingual English writers: grammar, editing instruction, and identification of your problematic patterns in English construction. (Dr. Sententia is herself, multilingual, and also has certification in TESOL: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Writing Software Consultation

  • Basic Level: Recommended Aids for Your Process
  • Strength Level: Best Resources for Your Project
  • Professional Integration: Guided Use with Key Resources for Your Writing Project