Dissertation Coach – How to Write Your Dissertation

Writing Your Dissertation- You don’t have to go it alone.

If you are on this page, chances are, a dissertation coach is what you need. If you are not a writer, writing your dissertation can result in excruciating stress and anxiety. Let’s face it, academic advisors, who are typically not trained writers themselves, say things like:
“just publish a few articles and string them together as chapters with an intro, and voila, you’ve got a dissertation!”


“just gather your field data and then write it up–the research will speak for itself!” Even though they mean well, and support you with the specialized knowledge you need for your field, their advice–when it comes to writing the dissertation often fails to clearly explain what you need to do, or how to meet their expectations or, even more importantly, how to write your dissertation.

You’re not alone if you feel stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, or  under-prepared to write an academic book length manuscript that you can be proud of. Sadly, many smart, capable, even stellar, graduate students struggle when faced with this significant writing task.

Based on my professional experience, Ph.D paralysis–an inability to write or “writer’s block”–right at the point where the writing should begin–is so common to academic researchers it deserves it’s own title in the DSM-5. So, if you feel paralyzed in writing, don’t worry, you’re not alone AND you don’t have to go it alone.

That said, what I offer is not a “dissertation writing service” Your academic accomplishments are your own and your writing should be too.  “Ghostwriters” for a dissertation–and other unethical websites are selling to cynicism or desperation, or both.  Instead, pull back from the abyss and regain  your confidence.  You can get the help you need to guide you in writing your dissertation, at any point in your process.

The Fine Art of Coaching You in How to Write a Dissertation

Writing your dissertation doesn’t have to be hard. While you do need preparation in your field of study, you don’t have to know everything about writing to write your dissertation effectively.
I know how to guide you to begin, write, and finish your dissertation. As an experienced writing coach and university writing program professor, I have helped thousands of people to improve their writing and complete large academic projects with laudable results.

Unfortunately, a lot of websites or books (written by writers!) on “how to write your dissertation” reinforce the obstacles, not the solutions.

As an experienced writing coach, I have perfected techniques to help you write your dissertation. I can help you to:

  • Plan, write, and complete your doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis.
  • Get a jump start on writing: even if you haven’t finished data collection.
  • Organize chapters and roadmap your project.
  • Write a prospectus (proposal)
  • Situate your topic with literature in your field (literature review).
  • Obtain approval of your writing project from your dissertation committee
  • Polish your writing for publication (articles).
  • Gain confidence as an academic writer in your field.
  • Stay on track to finish.

Why Dr. Sententia?

I have confidentially assisted hundreds of scholars with complex writing projects. Retain me as your ally and expert writing coach, and you’ll reduce your stress and enhance your life as a scholar. I make the process toward your goal more enjoyable and train you to become a more efficient researcher and writer, from inception to completion of your terminal degree.  –Dr. Sententia

My Role as Your Dissertation Coach

I began offering my expertise as a dissertation writing coach to bring relief and practical support to graduate student writers beyond my university classes. With over 15 years of experience helping people complete complex writing projects, I have perfected techniques that bring writers of any skill set to their finish line.  I understand the many psychological and practical pitfalls of academic writing and know how to guide you from A.B.D. to Ph.D.

Whether you are just beginning, lost in the middle, or struggling to complete your Ph.D., you can benefit from support in your academic writing project. Working with me, you will learn how to write through one-on-one meetings and professional feedback that is ethical and actionable.

Complete your dissertation with renewed confidence and deeper satisfaction. You will not stall out, be pushed out, or otherwise fall out. 
Get the help you need to finish your dissertation!

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