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Razor Writing offers expert coaching services to help you finish your writing project.
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It’s never too late, btw. Let me clear the path for you.

The kind of help you may need…

depends on the kind of writer you are,
the kind of project you have in view, and
your timeline to meet your deadline.

If you’re an experienced writer

Get valuable feedback and make a concrete plan to finish your book.
Let us help to diagnose and resolve what isn’t serving you as a writer.

Quite bluntly, if alcohol is your “liquid armor,” it may be the first demon holding you down.  For a scathingly well-written critique of the consequences of alcohol on the life of a writer, I recommend, Caroline Knapp (deceased):  Drinking: A Love Story.

One-on-one coaching with Dr. Sententia will improve how much you write, how you access your creative process, and your results on the page. Provided that mutual trust and respect are what you’re looking for, you’ll find that Dr. Sententia’s blend of clear, yet trenchant vision, combined with techniques to motivate and catalyze your writing process, will help you to renew your enthusiasm to complete your next major project.

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If you’re new to writing

Get strategic and expert guidance to write your book or other significant milestone.
At Razor Writing, we can guide you from your great idea to published book, or advise you anywhere along the way. We can jump in with you, to coach you to clarity, but we will never take over your project, your words, or your story. Our coaching is uniquely effective in helping you to avoid the major pitfalls of writing (like writer’s block) and teach you what experienced writers know already. With our help, you can reach the satisfaction that comes from writing your best book and deciding on how best to become a published author.

See writer’s packages and a la carte pricing options

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